A Midsummer Night's Dream

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When was the Printing Press introduced?
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How were books created before being printed?
They were handwritten by the clergy.
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When did Constantinople fall?
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What happened when Constantinople fell?
There was a sudden access to Greek and Roman literature that there wasn't before.
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What is 'humanism'?
It is the realisation that thoughts could be secular and that each person was an individual. The two most important people were the soldier and the student.
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When was the Reformation of the Church?
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What is one of the problems with the Church according to Martin Luther?
'Tything' which was were you could pay someone to pray for you.
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Was Henry VIII a Lutherian?
No, he changed the church in his own way when he removed the Pope. He wanted to declare war on France and re-marry.
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When was the civil war and what did this cause?
It was in 1642 and it causes the theatres to close.
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When do the theatres reopen?
In the 1660's.
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What did Shakespeare learn at school?
He learnt Greek and Roman language and culture.
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When in Shakespeare's career was A Midsummer Night's Dream written?
In the middle of his career.
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What other texts is A Midsummer Night's Dream similar to?
Romeo and Juliet and 'The Knight's Tale' by Chaucer.
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What did Shakespeare do when the playhouses were closed during the plague?
He wrote sonnets.
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Who were some other important Elizabethan playwrights?
John Lyly and Christopher Marlowe.
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What is 'Theatre' latin for?
A serious cultural thing.
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How were The City of London and Westminster different at this time?
The city was where the money was and Westminster was where the land was.
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What happened when the theatre business got banned from the inner city?
They started moving to other areas further north in the city such as Shoreditch.
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What other types of entertainment were available at this time?
Mystery cycles, Mummings and Disguises, Morality plays, Animal beatings, Maypole dances, Jigs and Whitsun Pastorals.
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Who was the original Bottom in the performance?
William Kempe.
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What verse do the fairies speak in?
Catalectic trochaic tetrameter, A line of four trochaic feet.
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How is the fairies language different to the lovers?
The lovers speak in iambic pentameter so their lines are longer by one foot.
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What is prose used for?
Lower class characters such as the Mechanicals.
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Who speaks the epilogue?
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Who does Hermia love?
Hermia loves Lysander but her father wants her to marry Demetrius
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What does Egeus threaten his daughter with?
He threatens her with death if she doesn't marry Demetrius, Theseus lessens this threat by saying she could become a nun instead.
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Who does Helena love?
She loves Demetrius and they shared a moment of passion before but now he is not interested.
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Who does Lysander love?
Lysander loves Hermia but after taking the love potion he loves Helena.
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Which two ways can Hippolyta be read?
She can either be very much in love with Theseus or a sarcastic lover as she was concurred by him.
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Which goddess is Titania modelled on?
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What do Titania and Oberon fall out about?
One of Titania's friends dies and her son (the indian boy) is left to her, but Oberon thinks the boy should be his.
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What is Midsummer?
It is a pagan festival on the 21st of June in which people believe that the world of the supernatural is closest with the real world.
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What is stichomythia?
It is dialogue in which two charaters speak in alternate lines of verse. It was often used as a stylistic device in ancient Greek drama.
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What is the difference between the noble characters speech and the lovers speech when they talk about love?
The noble characters speak in unrhymed verse whereas the lovers speak in heroic couplets.
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What does Peter Quince attempt to do in Pyramus and Thisbe?
He attempts to use rhyme but it proves difficult as he rhymes 'Jew' with 'Hue' which makes the language seem absurd. It indicates that the lower class are incapable of speaking sophisticatedly.
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What does the new moon emphasise?
The new love in the play. Also the different phases of the moon represents the different emotions within the play.
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How does Puck witness Hermia and Helena fighting?
He sits in the audience to watch.
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What do Puck and Oberon have to keep reminding the audience?
That they are invisable.
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How were books created before being printed?


They were handwritten by the clergy.

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