A-level Sociology- Feminist Perspective on the Family

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1. What do liberal feminists argue about about women's oppression?

  • That it is being gradually overcome through changing people's attitudes and through changes in the law such as the sex discrimination act (1975).
  • That it is getting much worse, women are oppressed now in the family more than ever with the threat of domestic violence being ever present.
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2. How are women a reserve army of cheap labour?

  • They are taken on when extra workers are needed and are then let go when not needed, so they return to their primary role as unpaid domestic labour.
  • They are payed far less than men are for doing the exact same job.

3. What does sociologist Germaine Greer (2000) argue for?

  • For the creation of all-female or 'matrilocal' households as an alternative to the heterosexual family.
  • For all heterosexual households.

4. For radical feminists, who is the key division in society between?

  • There is no key division
  • Men and women
  • The ruling and working class
  • The bourgeoisie and the proletariat

5. What do liberal feminists believe we are moving towards?

  • Larger inequalities between the sexes.
  • Greater equality- which depends on the further reforms and changes in the socialisation and attitudes of both sexes.
  • A larger gender divide between men and women.


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