A Christmas Carol

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1. How does Fezziwig die?

  • He falls ill with pneumonia.
  • Fezziwig does die in the novel, but the manner of his death is unspecified.
  • Fezziwig does not die in the novel.
  • He is struck in the head by a horse's hoof.
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2. What is the Ghost of Christmas Present's throne made of?

  • Fur.
  • Food.
  • Pine needles.
  • Gold.

3. Which spirit takes Scrooge to a ship at sea?

  • The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come.
  • The Ghost of Christmas Spirit.
  • The Ghost of Christmas Present.
  • The Ghost of Christmas Past.

4. To whom does Scrooge send the Christmas turkey?

  • The Cratchits.
  • Fred.
  • Belle.
  • Jacob Marley.

5. Which character is Fred's mother?

  • Fezziwig.
  • Mrs. Cratchit.
  • Fan.
  • Belle.


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