2/3 Hub Quiz!

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1. When I am getting changed for PE I should

  • Get changed very quickly and quietly. Make sure my class are Super Speedy Changers!
  • Chat to my friend instead of getting changed.
  • Take ages to change my clothes.
  • Leave all of my clothes in a scruffy pile on the floor.
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2. When I am moving around the hub to go to my English, Maths or Phonics lesson I should…

  • Chat as I stand outside the classroom.
  • Walk sensibly to my group and line up silently. Become a changeover champion!
  • Run to my group.
  • Pick my nose whilst leaning against the wall.

3. I should try to only go to the toilet…

  • in my Phonics lesson.
  • during playtime and lunchtime.
  • during Maths.
  • in the middle off assembly.

4. When the bell rings for the end of playtime I should…

  • Continue to run around.
  • Chat to my friends.
  • Get down from the play equipment, put any other equipment down and stand still until my class is called.
  • Stay on the play equipment.

5. If I have a problem at lunchtime I should…

  • Get angry.
  • Tell a midday supervisor. I should also tell my teacher after lunch if I think it is serious enough.
  • keep it to myself.
  • Get upset.


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