1960's Britain - the Establishment

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1. Who were the "angry young men?"

  • Group of contemporary writers that rejected traditional literature and theatre and wrote plays and books that reflected contemporary society.
  • People who protested for better pay
  • Group of men that help a revolution against Douglas-Home
  • Angry people
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2. Who else did Christine Keeler have an affair with other than John Profumo?

  • A Russian spy
  • An American soldier
  • Douglas-Home
  • Macmillan

3. Out of the 23 men in Douglas-Home's cabinet, how had NOT been to private school?

  • 10
  • 3
  • 5
  • 7

4. Which establishmentarian figuire succeeded Macmillan when he resigned in 1963?

  • Anthony Eden
  • Winston Churchill
  • Alec Douglas-Home
  • Hugh Gaitskell

5. Choose one reason why Douglas-Home lost the 1964 election.

  • Internal party divides: figures like Enoch Powell were uncomfortable with the Establishmentarian leader and wanted change.
  • People didn't like Home's haircut
  • People were bored of Home
  • Home was too little of an Establishment figuire and the people wanted more.


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