1936 Presidential Election

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1. What did Al Landon say in 1936?

  • "America must be kept American"
  • "Wherever I have gone in America I have found Ameicans"
  • "To be fully American you have to live in America"
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2. What did someone describe the Union Party Nominee?

  • All the charisma of a deserted telephone booth
  • He was as exciting as a peice of wet lettuce
  • A washed up racoon had more nerve

3. What was a problem with Republic nomination?

  • He was boring and dull
  • He was over enthusiastic
  • He was too controversial

4. Who won by a landslide?

  • Democrats
  • Republicans
  • Union

5. What did the win give Roosevelt the confidence to do?

  • Be a dicatator over America
  • Take on congress
  • Be a more powerful president


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