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1. What affect did the policy of Russification have upon ethnic minorities?

  • They became more disloyal and more likely to join radical groups
  • They became more loyal
  • The majority of ethnic minorities fled Russia for Germany
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2. What were the number of strikes between 1894 and 1904 like?

  • The number of strikes dropped by 1,400 strikes
  • In 1894 there were 17,000 strikes and this rose to 90,000 strikes by 1904
  • The number of strikes was stagnant

3. In 1880 Alexander III created the Gendarmes, how many political criminals did they catch between 1880 and 1901?

  • They caught 4113 political criminals
  • They caught 10 political criminals
  • They caught 10,000 political criminals

4. Why were Land Captains created in 1889\/

  • To motivate the peasants to work harder
  • To bring the influence of the Ministry of the Interior into the countryside
  • Russia was too big for Tsar to rule himself

5. In 1884 the Universities were being monitored by the Ministry of Interior why?

  • The Universities were the cause of radical ideas spreading; and teaching debate subjects made the students more radical
  • The Universities results were poor consistently
  • The Universities couldn't limit their spending


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