1. What happpened to the People's Will after 1881?

  • Alexander III successfully captured and executed all of the People's Will
  • They escaped from Russia into Germany
  • They joined the SR
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2. Why were the Gendarmes not very useful?

  • A lot of Gendarmes took bribes
  • After 20 years active pursuit they only caught 4113 despite claims that "revolutionaries were everywhere"
  • They were expensive to fund from the Treasury

3. How did the internal passport idea prevent radical ideas spreading?

  • It controlled people into certain areas ; preventing radical ideas spreading also
  • The passport idea wasn't used to prevent radical ideas spreading

4. Why were Land Captains created in 1889\/

  • To bring the influence of the Ministry of the Interior into the countryside
  • Russia was too big for Tsar to rule himself
  • To motivate the peasants to work harder

5. Between 1901 and 1905 how many people did the SR manage to assasinate?

  • They assasinated 150 government officials
  • They assasinated 2000 government officials
  • They only used non-violent methods


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