1848-9 Revoltuions: Cetral/Northern Italy

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1. Leaders in what two states were forced to flee because of revolutions?

  • Sicily and Naples
  • Piedmont and Tuscany
  • Modena and Parma
  • Florida and California
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2. Why did trouble begin in Milan (Lombardy)?

  • Because there was a gum boycott
  • Because there was a tobacco boycott
  • Because soldiers would attack civillians
  • Because people felt like it

3. A p_______ g______ was set up.

  • Provisional gamon
  • Provisional government
  • Poop gauge
  • Period gate

4. Why did General Radetzky decide to leave Milan? (He was commander-in-cheif of Austrian forces)

  • He was forced out
  • Because he felt like it
  • Because revolution broke out in Vienna and Metternich resigned
  • He didn't like it there

5. How did 'The Five Days' begin?

  • Revolutions started because people wanted to fight
  • Attacks were made on Austrian soldiers eventually leading to a fully scale revolution
  • Charles Albert counted the days he was in power
  • Soldiers fought other soldiers


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