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Petition of Right
to give strafford a trial but not in the house of lords as it would be bias as he is a lord himself
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Monthly assesment
tax like ship money system orginally collected in places in parliamentary controll during civil war
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Pym's Junto
group that organised opposition to the king in long par. led by pym, hampden and haselrig
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Humble Petition and Advice
1657 - to limit power but callinghim protector rather than king - both houses would govern with protector, provision for hereditary succesion, parliament to controol army, regular elcetions and lmit religous toleration
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Act of Attainder
death warrant that only needed suspicion of guilt as long as passed by both houses and signed by monarch w/ no trial - Strafford
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New castle proposal
by parliament 1646 par would nomiate key officers of state , control milita for 20yrs, abolishion of bishops with a presbytarian church made
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followers of dutch theology. regject calavanist as they believe christians ahev free will can change wherther they go heavan or hell
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jonn Calvin - stressed that people acheive slavation through god and not their own merits an that if they show signs of godliness they are destined to go heavan
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church gov by assembly of elders/officals rather than hierachy of bishops
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council of state
gov council of higher level policy like prviy council
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Instrument of gov
dec 1653 - constitution with executive powers of cromwell by John Lambert later replaced by humble petition and advice 1657
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Cavalier Parliament
calavlier was derogatory term used by parliamentarians to describe royalist
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member of Roman catho religous roder of society 1534
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Popish plot
Anglican priest Oates told london margistrates of plot by french and jesuits to kill charles and replace him wth james. after the magisrate he told the plot to (godfrey) died.
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second civil war
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House of lords abolish
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when did charles try to arrest pym and 4 other mps
jan 1642
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prides purge
New Model Army under the command of Colonel Thomas Pride forcibly removed from the Long Parliament all those who were not supporters of the Grandees in the New Model Army and the Independents.
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Monthly assesment


tax like ship money system orginally collected in places in parliamentary controll during civil war

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Pym's Junto


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Humble Petition and Advice


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Act of Attainder


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