11ABTEC-Weekly physical check on anogenital area

1. What is a healthy anogential area? ( in cats and dogs )

  • The anal glands are empty when palpated
  • Clean area
  • Fur around the area is present
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2. What is a unhealthy anogential area? ( in cats and dogs )

  • Faecal around the area
  • Impacted and glands
  • Swollen area

3. What is a healthy anogenital area ( in all species )

  • Clean surrounding fur/feathers/scales
  • Swelling
  • Clean fur
  • No black area

4. How to record a health assessment?

  • Record only some elements of the health check
  • Use paper bases health check sheets and databases to record all elements of a health check, you should record the following information: species/breed, name, identification mark, age and sex
  • Record results in a table, adding key information
  • Record in a table, no identifying information

5. What is an unhealthy anogential area? ( in all species )

  • Faecal on fur
  • Redness or swelling
  • Swollen
  • Black area


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