1.1 what is cardiovascular disease? and how does circulation work?

SNAB edexcel A2 biology topic 1:

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1. what causes the pain of angina? (usually experienced during exertion)

  • supply of blood to heart and brain is slightly interupted
  • the heart lacking oxygen causes it to respire anaerobically, this results in chemical changes triggering the pain.
  • a build up of fat deposits causes a blood clot which narrows the arteries and stops the right amount of blood circulating around the body
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2. What is the process of all particles and liquids being transported in one direction known as?

  • mass flow
  • one way transportation
  • single direction flow

3. the blood is supplied to the heart though two vessels called the...?

  • coronary arteries
  • the pulmonary arteries
  • the pulmonary veins

4. during atrial systole, as the atria fill the pressure of blood against the ........ pushes them open

  • bicuspid valves
  • atrioventricular vavles
  • semilunar valves

5. during ventricular systole, the pressure of blood against the atrioventricular valves does what?

  • closes them
  • opens them
  • damages them


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