1.1 what is cardiovascular disease? and how does circulation work?

SNAB edexcel A2 biology topic 1:

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1. collagen is ...

  • a tough fibrous protein found only in veins
  • a tough fibrous protein found in both arteries and veins
  • a tough fibrous protein found only in arteries
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2. during atrial systole, as the atria fill the pressure of blood against the ........ pushes them open

  • atrioventricular vavles
  • semilunar valves
  • bicuspid valves

3. elastic fibres allow arteries and veins to...

  • stretch and recoil
  • constrict and dilate
  • not be damaged when the blood flowing though them is of a high pressure

4. why is the time taken for blood to circulate quicker in double circulatory systems than in single?

  • it flows quicker
  • the blood flows through the heart twice, getting an extra 'boost' ;)
  • the circuit is shorter

5. smooth muscle in arteries and veins allow the walls to....

  • constrict and dilate
  • stretch and recoil
  • be strong enough to withstand high pressure


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