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2. What is Reliability ?

  • Does the experi explain what it clains to explain? How true is causality of the behaviour?
  • -Experimental effect is consistent and stable. You can replicate the findings.
  • The consistency of the experi
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3. What is continuous data?

  • -Quantitive data that can be measured - Participants provide a score that can be any value on a measurement scale in use - eg temperature range
  • -Quantative data that can be measures - Eg Temperature range

4. What is categorical data?

  • Scores from participants are placed in a category - eg race, gender ,educational level
  • Scores from participants that are placed in categories . Gender, Race, educational level

5. What is the NATURAL experimental design?

  • -Iv changes manipulated in real life setting
  • - Iv occurs in real life setting
  • -Iv changes occur naturally in a real life setting
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