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2. What is the FIELD experimental design?

  • Iv changes occur natually in a real life setting
  • Iv manipulated by experimenter, tasks and setting may be unlike real life
  • Iv is manipulated by the experimenter , in a real life setting like hospitals or schools
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3. When to use Between participants design?

  • - Situations where participants cant be in both conditions , if its related to age/ gender etc. - Diff participant for each group
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  • - Same participants used for both conditions
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4. When to use Within participants design ?

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  • - Same participants can participate in both conditions. - Use when its hard to recruit participants
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  • - Different participants are used in each IV condition ( independent group)

5. What is Reliability ?

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  • -Experimental effect is consistent and stable. You can replicate the findings.
  • Does the experi explain what it clains to explain? How true is causality of the behaviour?
  • The consistency of the experi


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