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2. In Bandura's study, females showed...

  • just non-imitative aggression
  • more physical aggression than verbal agression
  • more verbal aggression than physical aggression
  • just imitative aggression

3. Which of these did Loftus and Palmer use?

  • Field experiment
  • Laboratory experiment
  • Natural experiment
  • Quasi experiment

4. Which part of the brain is more active in high delayers?

  • Corpus collosum
  • Inferior frontal gyrus
  • Ventral Striatum
  • Frontal lobe

5. In Sperry's study his sample was...

  • 11 split-brain patients who had severe epilepsy
  • 14 autism patients
  • 16 epileptic patients
  • 8 split-brain patients with minor epilepsy


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