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ZENGI- son of governor of Aleppo.Brought up by Kerbogha, governor or Mosul.

WHAT DID HE ACHIEVE? Became atabeg of Mosul and Aleppo in 1127 and 1128. Greatest threat to power balance in the north. 1130 ALLIED WITH RULER OF DAMASCUS (Buri) against crusader leaders. This was a ruse and he captured Buri's son and seized HAMA from him. Zengi CRUSHED KING FULKS ARMY and dealt with 1138 invasion of JOHN II OF BYZANTIUM. CAPTURED EDESSA IN 1144

LIMITATIONS? Hrad drinker and not religious. Swore on the Koran he wouldnt harm Muslims if they surendered but he salughtered them all anyway.

NUR AD-DIN-Son of Zengi and atabeg of Mosul ad Aleppo…


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