Young People in NAZI Germany

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  • The Nazis reorganised every aspect of the school curriculum to make children loyal to them.
  • In history they would learn how Germany was 'stabbed in the back' by weak polititions.
  • Children would be told the Jews were squeezing profits out of honest Germans
  • In biology they would have learned that Aryans are supirior in intelligance and strength.
  • The Hitler youth or League of German Maidens would have marched in parades with bands. Leisure time would be devoted to Hitler and the Nazis. You would be fit and go on summer camps. Young boys would be taught how to clean a rifle and keep it in good condition.
  • Many young people were attracted to the Nazi youth by the leisure opportunities they offered. There were literaly no alternative, all other organisations had either been absorbed or made illegal. In 1939 membership of the Nazi youth movement was made compulsory. But by this time the youth movements were going into crisis, many of the experienced leaders had been drafter into the army.

The 'Swing' movement:

  • This was made up of mainly middle-class teenagers.
  • They went to parties where they listend to English and American music and sang English songs, they


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