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  • all man made fibres are filaments as well as silk
  • filament yarns are made by slightly twisting filament fibres together
  • they are smooth and therefore don't trap air
  • have a good amount of lustre so are shiny
  • has a regularity tof thickness throughout yarn length making it stronger
  • smooth yarn makes fabric compact and denser
  • MONOFILAMENT is made from a single thick filament yarn e.g. metallic
  • MULTIFILAMENT; requires more than one filament, little or no twisting to hold togetther


  • includes natural fibres e.g. cotton but also man-made if cut
  • have to be carded or combed to lie in the same direction before twisting
  • they are hairy so trap air to make them warm
  • lack lustre so therfore dull
  • has a fuller handle feel
  • its impossible to achieve regularity during spinning
  • COTTON SPUN - this system uses short staple fibres and produces harder, leaner and less regular yarns. Produces woven fabric/jersey knits
  • WORSTED SPUN - produces smooth yarn used to create fine suits. Are regular, fine and lustrous as they're made from longer staples
  • WOOLEN SPUN - have…


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