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  • the definition of a yarn means a long and continuous length of fibres (or filaments) with or without a twist
  • for the yarn to be useful, it has to be strong enough to be made into different fibres
  • it's made through a process known as spinning, to make different yarn types
  • examples include: singles, ply, cabled, corespun or fancy yarn
  • the thickness and tightness of the spun yarn affects its overall strength, weight, flexibility, appearance, handle, texture and the end use


  • to make a yarn stronger, and suitable for knitting or weaving, a twist is added during the spinning process
  • can be spun clockwise ('Z' twist) or anti-clockwise ('S' twist)
  • Z twist is that yarn and the S twist is the weft
  • light is reflected this way
  • low twist yarns are soft, weak but more bulky
  • high twist yarns are strong, hard and can withstand any tension in…


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