Yalta, Potsdam and the atomic bomb


Yalta Conference - Feb 1945

  • Create a soviet naval access path to the pacific so USSR can enter the war against Japan
  • USSR granted island of South Sakhlin as reward for joining the war
  • Stalin would support government of Jiang Jieshi
  • Roosevelt and Stalin agree on a Soviet-US-British-Chinese trusteeship to steer Korea towards independance
  • Co-alition to control Germany
  • Free elections in Europe

Postdam Conference - July 1945

  • Stalin reaffirms plans to enter war against Japan
  • Truman reject's Stalins notion towards agreeing terms of trusteeship
  • After Japanese surrender, China was to occupy northern French Indochina
  • SEAC - British South East Asia Command - is to occupy southern Indochina


  • Leaders change; Atlee takes…


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