WW1 Context

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·        Changes in the lives and role of women due to the suffragettes.

·        Women had a domestic role before the war

·        Nursing – saw what the injuries were like

·        Experienced loss on an enormous scale

·        The men missed the women

·        Change in sexual attitudes – liberation, soldiers may never come back

·        1918 – women had the right to vote

Home Front

·        Government control over aspects of society

·        Rationing

·        Propaganda

·        Recruitment drives then eventually conscription (1916)

·        Soldiers on leave

·        Bombing, e.g. Zeppelins, planes, bombarding the sea coast line

·        Loss, and injured soldiers return

·        Torpedo e.g. Lusitania cruise ship, U-boats

·        Fear, uncertainty and anxiety

Physical, Mental and Spiritual Consequences

·        Shell Shock

·        Loss of control

·        Hallucinations



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