Wuthering Heights - Heathcliff as introduced in Chapter One

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Heath - An area of open uncultivated land.

Cliff - A steep rock face.

What does Heathcliff's name say about him? What does it reflect about his character?

We are introduced to Heathcliff through Mr. Lockwood's perception of him. As the narrator, we wonder if we should really trust Lockwood's word, however, Heathcliff does say something that makes Lockwood's judgements seem accurate.


  • "solitary"
  • He lives in a "perfect misanthropist's heaven" - suggesting that Heathcliff is a misanthrope.
  • "removed from the stir of society" - reflects the lifestyle of the residents of Wuthering Heights, it suggests that they are deviate from the 'norm'
  • "capital fellow" - Capital meaning superior or great. This is what we presume Mr. Lockwood thinks of Heathcliff.
  • He has "black eyes" that "withdraw so suspiciously under their brows"
  • Mr. Lockwood calls Heathcliff the solitary neighbour he "shall be troubled with" - "troubled" suggests that Mr. Lockwood may have a disquiet time just as long as Heathcliff is present. It is also a foreshadowing.
  • "I should not allow anyone to inconvenience me, if I could hinder it..." - Heathcliff seems very arrogant and cynical because from our perspective, Lockwood is only trying to be friendly. Heathcliff begins to take the shape


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