Wuthering Heights Close Analysis

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Chapter 16 ( I cannot live without my soul!)    

  • "Frighful vehmence, stamping his foot and groaning in a sudden paroxysm of ungovernable passion"- Tricolon shows Heathcliff's physical and mental reaction to the pain
  • Pre modification "frightful" shows he is terrified by Cathy's death
  • Use of personal pronouns- suggests that Catherine is his whole world and a little self indulgent- thinks he is the only one suffering b/c of her death
  • Lexis of supernatural/death/suffering- killed/haunt/ghosts- shows Heathcliff's strong desire for Cathy to haunt him and stay with him
  • "I cannot live without my soul!"- links to Cathy's statements in Chapter 9
  • This is also a metaphor, representing Cathy and Heathcliff's strong connection
  • Repetition of cannot- refuses to believe Cathy is dead
  • Use of dashes adnd broken grammer- reflects Heathcliff's inner turmoil as a result of Catherine's death
  • declarative sentences and modal verbs- demonstrates he is trying to control her even in death
  • Pronoun "Catherine Earnshaw"- shows how he still sees as a child and refuses to see her as Linton; prefers her when they were younger

Chapter 17 (We'll see if one tree won't crow crooked as another)       

  • "he had the hypocrisy"- alliteration, puts emphasis on Heathcliff and Hindely's relationship, which was exatcly perfect- Nelly thinks he shouldn't be there
  • unfournate- pre modification shows that Nelly knows how Heathcliff will treat him
  • peculiar gusto- oxymoron- shows Heathcliff is almost excited at Hindely's death
  • Mine- poessissive,


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