Wuthering Heights Close Analysis

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Chapter 7 (God won't have the satisfication that I shall)

"he leant his two elbows on his two knees, and his chin on his hands"- Parrallelism, showing his depth of thought about revenge.

"dumb meditation"- almost an oxymoron- dumb is something associated with stupidity, whilst meditation is a thoughtful, peaceful process 

"remained rapt"- aliiteration or "r" shows revenge has consumed him and dominated his attention

"answered gravely" post modification with an abverb, shows Heathcliff is beginning his dark phase

Use of personal pronoun "I" shows his personal determination for revenge, and his similarities to Cathy, though he is not self indulgent as she is.

"die before I do!" - plosive alliteration, which creates a sinister atmosphere of revenge

"won't"- negative contraction, shows Heathcliff's disregard for religion and putting himself first

"punish wicked people"- plosive alliteration, shows Nelly's strong belief in religion

"while I'm thinking of that I


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