Wrongly Answered Questions V2.1

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  • Water condenses on cold surfaces, for example Glass.
  • Diffusion involves the random movement of particles.
  • Osmosis is a form of diffusion where water moves from a high concentration of water, to a low concentration of water until their concentration in relation to the solute is equal or balanced out by pressure, through a semi-permeable membrane.
  • The force acting upon an object is in the direction of the medium exerting the force, for example up a rope).
  • The small intestine is the largest part of the gut. This allows the products of digestion to absorb more efficiently because they are given more time to absorb.
  • Glucose can provide a quick energy boost for an athlete as it is used by body cells to respire, forming energy, water and Carbon Dioxide.
  • To test a solution for a reducing sugar (for example: Glucose), add Benedict's Solution and heat. If a reducing sugar is present, the solution will turn reddish brown.
  • To calculate the volume of an irregularly-shaped object, fill a measuring cylinder with water and record the initial level. Completely submerge the object and record the new water level. Subtract the old…


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