Writing a practical psychology report

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Introduction, Aims and Hypotheses- 

  • The introduction should start with a general theory, talking about other research in the area in which you are studying. Only include relevant material, and be concise. If replicating a study, give sufficient information about this.
  • This should then lead logically into aims and hypotheses. 
  • They should be written in the present or future tense.
  • They should be properly operationalised and be specific about the experiment.
  • State the minimum level of significance that will be acceptable (5% usually) and why this level has been chosen.


  • Should be split into 4 sections...
  • Design-
  • Choice of method eg- field experiment, observation etc
  • Choice of experimental design eg- Independent or repeated measures
  • Identification of variables/co-variables
  • Identify any confounding variables eg- participant characteristics, explain how you are overcome these variables
  • Any ethical implications and how these would be over come. 


  • How many participants were in the samples
  • How they were sampled eg- Volunteer, random, stratified.
  • Include any factors that are relevant to experiment eg- Age, gender, education.


  • Materials used such as stopwatches or questionnaires, should be in enough detail for it to be repeated.


  • Needs to be in DETAIL. Include any pilot studies or preliminary work. It needs to be in enough detail for


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