World’s First: Gold-plated iPhone 5


iPhone 5 is the best thing that has ever happened after, er, iPhone 4S. If the finely crafted iPhone 5 does not satisfy your taste, how about upgrading it the gold-plated way. Gold & Co. in London understands the need for fashionistas to be hard-core awesome. Committed for quality and excellence, Gold & Co. thinks that the brilliant 4-inch retina display of the sleek iPhone 5 deserves to be adorned even more such as best live wallpapers app ios. So they encased the cutting-edge technology of iPhone 5 in aircraft-grade stainless steel, laser-cut for a snug fit. You don’t want to be carrying the same phone like everyone else so the glamorized iPhone 5 comes in no less than glamorous gold or rose gold.

The stylish housing is firstly hand-polished to pristine mirror finish, then bezeled in a multi-layered process. It is then topped off with the 24KT gold for that contrasting elegance of black and gold, or white




I am using both the operating system iOS and Android and both have their advantages. Rather iOS system is more secure than Android in my experience. I was also looking for iPhone XS Max replacement in Kenya in my area and this post helped me find it. You can try this also.