World Sociology: Transnational Corporations (TNC's)

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Types of TNC's:


- Legal Political e.g. UN or EU

-Economic Financial e.g. W.T.O or I.M.F

- Single Issue e.g. Interpol or WHO


- Relief and Development (Oxfam)

- Sovereign Entity (Red Cross)

- Lobbying (Green Peace or Amnesty International)

The Facts:

  • The earliest T.N.C was the Dutch East India Company
  • There was an explosion in volume of T.N.C's. "Corporate Century"
  • Trade intensified because of it. T.N.C's take advantage and coordinate trade. 
  • Since WW2 there has been an explosion in corporate form. There are now 1000++ T.N.C's. 
  • These dwarfed economic power of nation states. 
  • Economic Power = Political Influence

Bretton Woods Institutions:

  • The World Bank Prevents Poverty. 
  • The WTO removes trade barriers
  • The IMF give out last resort loans. 


- Coordinates issues at a global level. 

- Centrilised source of funding. 


- Dollar per vote basis- gives rich more power. 

Washington consensus- by the rich for the rich. 

Positive of TNC's:

  • Overcome economic barriers to development. 
  • Overcome cultural barriers: educated workforce. promote values of education and urbanisation. 
  • Progressive employment= gender inequality. 
  • Creates jobs, brings


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