World War One

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HISTORY - WWI (28.07.1914 - 11.11.1918)


2 Alliances in Europe:

  - Triple Alliance (Formed in 1882): Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy. 

  - Triple Entente (Formed 1907): France, Britain, Russia.

Tensions between great powers:

    -> Russia, Serbia, Austria-Hungary: - A-H had different nationalities, cultures. These people wanted independence from A-H. 

- Serbia was becoming stronger and that was a threat to A-H.

- Russia (very powerful country, enormous army) was with Serbia so it became a problem for the Triple Alliance.

    -> France and Russia: their main concern was the growing power of Germany.

Causes of WWI:

    -> Archduke Franz Ferdinand (heir to the throne of Austria) => assasssinated in Sarajevo, Bosnia; on the 28th of June 1914. Tensions between Austria-Hungary and Serbia appeared. War was then declared to Serbia.

  -> Imperialism: many powerful countries wanted more power (Germany, Italy) and rivalries for having some colonies appeared.

  -> Nationalism: - Many parts of Austria-Hungary wanted to be independent from Austria-Hugary.

                             - The Balkans: Austria-Hungary and Russia both wanted to control the Balkans as it would give them an opportunity to have quick access to the Mediterranean.

During the 1st crisis, A-H took over the province of Bosnia and Herzegovnia. Russia (and Serbia, as they are supported by Russia) protested but abandoned when Germany started to support    A-H. So, A-H became more confident. Russia didn't want to back down again, so they had to be faster in building armies up. Serbia then became stronger and as it was allied to Russia, they were seen as a threat to A-H.

  -> Militarism: Britain and Germany both had a powerful navy army, but Germany was more trained => stronger. Britain felt threatened by their strength so they first built a ship and it was a good one, so Germany built a ship and it went on and on with both of them spending a lot of money on their ships and building more and more.

  -> Germany: - Best


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