Working Memory Model

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Baddeley and Hitch (1974)

  • Argued STM more complex than just 'stopping off station' for info to transfer to LTM
  • Proposed STM should be replaced by working memory
  • WM allows several pieces of info to be processed and interrelated simultaneously and info can flow LTM to STM as well as the other way round
  • 'Working' because it's an 'active store that holds info which is being manipulated and woken upon

Central executive allocates resources dependent on cognititve demands and controls other component systems

The phonological/articulatory loop is a temporary acoustic storage system for verbal info that is used to repeat info (e.g phone numbers) or store words before they're spoken.

  • Articulatory control process holds words for sub-vocal repetition to prevent decay, also known as the 'inner voice'
  • Phonological store represents auditory info in terms of pitch and volume, also known as the 'inner ear'

Visual spatial sketch pad rehearses visual/spatial info.

Logi (1995)

  • Visual cache stores visual info, e.g. form and colour
  • Inner scribe stores info about spatial relationships

Description of WWM

  • Central executive involved in higher mental processes (decision making), allocates resources to other slave systems depending on task
  • Central executive…


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