Working Memory Model (WMM)

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The Working Memory Model (WMM) is a representation of STM. It suggests that STM is a dynamic processor of different types of information using sub - units coordinated by a central decision making system. 

Central Executive (CE)

The component of the WMM that co-ordinated the activities of the three subsystems in memory. It also allocated processing resources to those activities. This is essentially an attentional provess that monitors incoming data, makes decisions and allocates slave systems to tasks. The central executive has a very limited processing capactiy.

Phonological Loop (PL)

The component of the WMM that processes information in terms of sound. This includes both written and spoken material. It's divided into the phonological store and the articulatory process. The phonological loop deals with the auditory information:

  • The phonological store - which stores…


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