Working Memory Model

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Working Memory Model

Baddeley and Hitch (1974)


Working memory sees STM as being active and not just a passing point for information going in and out of LTM (as MSM does)

There is more than one component of STM, it is divided into 3 sub-parts:

1. Central executive 

The controlling element of the model, it is linked to the other 2 parts of the model. It is the attention system and doesn't store any information itself; instead it has a limited amount of attention that is allocated to the 2 other parts.

2. Articulatory-phonological loop (inner voice)

This part holds information of the acoustic type and includes the verbal rehearsal loop. This means keeping information needed right now by repeating it out loud. Capacity is limited here.

3. Visuo-spatial sketch pad (inner eye)

This part stores and deals with visual and spatial information e.g. driving along a familiar road and thinking of the next bend

According to the model, every component has limited capacity and is relatively


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