Work Place Stressors

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 Work place stressors - aspects of the work place environment that causes a stress response in the body.

Work place stressors inculed physical conditions and home work interface but most importantly, work control and work load. 

 Work-home interface - this is a stress response to the process of balcancing home demands with work demands.

 work-life balance - A healthy balance between work and home responsibilities.

(optional) Decision latitude - The control the induvidual has over their work load and how it is organised.

There are two studies you need to know inside and out when studying this topic. They are Johansson (1978) and Marmot (1997).

Johansson (1978) conducted a study in a saw mill in Sweden (NOT FINLAND) with the aim to investigate whether workers stressors, such as control and high workload levels, increased stress related physiological arousal.

He studies 14 finishers and 10 cleaners from this saw mill. The finishers job was to prepare the wood to be sold, which created income for the whole factory. The cleaners just had to clean the premises at night, when no one was working.

Finishers had to work in very noisy conditions, which lead to isolation beacsue they had to ware ear muffs to protect their ears. If they did not complet their job then the wood would not be sold and the mill would not be paid and therefore the worker would not get paid their wadges. This creates a lot of pressure on the finisher as the payment of all


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