Word Classes Notes


Word Classes

Nouns and Pronouns:

  • Nouns – names of objects, feelings, attitudes, people or places
  • Abstract – refers to feelings, something you cant touch
  • Concrete – objects with physical existence
  • Proper – names of people or places ‘London, Paris’
  • Noun phrases – short sentences with the main focus being a noun
  • ‘The times, the noisy party
    • Modifier
    • Headword


  • Prepositional phrases are a word that is placed before a noun or a noun phrase
  • ‘In’ ‘on’ ‘at’ ‘from’  
  • ‘In favour of’ ‘in spite of’ 


  • Words that modify a verb
  • It describes the verb
  • ‘I cried sadly
  • ‘I’ll go to a party soon’
  • Adverbial Clauses
  • 'He lived a celebrity life, with a sense of peace’


  • Replace nouns, can be used to refer forwards or backwards to a noun
  • Person – I; you; she; they
  • Possessive – my; his; our
  • Reflexive – myself; himself, themselves 
  • Demonstrative – these; this; that
  • Relative – which; when;


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