womens roles in the church and at home ( also including civil partnerships)

women preists

some christians believe that women should not be preists because the bible says " women should remain silent in the church" this shows that some christians think  men are more important that women. 

wedding symbolisms 

ring - love is eternal

ring finger - thiers a vein going straight to the heart

white dress - pure and peaceful

the vows - the couple marry themselves and the preist witnesses

christian beliefs of women in the home

 the wife should always obey and take care of the husband before anyone else as  the lord. the husband is more valuable to the wife.

women are not equal to the men in the family.

my opinion - men and women should be equal in every aspect at home, at work and in the church.

civil partnerships

civil partner ships- the legal regognition of the union  between two people of the same sex

in the uk


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