Women's role in the church unit 2

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  • Women have never been equal to men.
  • The traditional attitude towards women is that they are the property of men and 
  • in 1850, 50% of women worked, however in the 1900's only 15% and in 2013 is rose to 67%.
  • Femenists movement for equal treatment for women
  • this was kicked off by the suffrogette movement who wanted voting equality for women, this was successful.
  • In the 1918  the representation of the people act allowed women aged 30 or over to vote
  • In the 1928 electral reformact this was lowered to 21, same as men
  • attitudes towards women changed in ww1 and ww2 when women carried up jobs initially performed by men, and showed they were good at it.
  • this changed the public perception of women and their ability to work. (e.g ammunitions factories etc)
  • many equality acts followed this eg..
  • the 1970 equal pay act, which meant all woman had to be payed the same as men, although this did improve womens wages, it was still not equal.
  • the 1975 sex discrimination act made it illegal to discriminate against someone in the work force due to their sex.
  • in 1979 Margrette Thatcher was the first democratically elected female leader of a western nature which was a big leap for womens rights.
  • however, in 2010 only 147 (23%) out 650 mps were female
  • In 2011 only 17% of FTSE 100 companies were run by women.


Roman catholics

  • Believe; "Humans are created in the image of God, man and woman have been created in perfect equality... equal dignity though in a different way".


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