Women in Wuthering Heights

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Women in Wuthering Heights

Catheine Earnshaw/ Linton/ Heathcliff

  • At first Catherine is protrayed as young and free, even rebelious; enjoying every moment of life and getting in trouble consistantly.
    • The fact that the times in which she is being herself are also the times inwhich she is in trouble as a child suggests that she has to be 'perfect' to be accepted by society.
    • This is when Catherine and Heathcliffs love for eachother blossoms; he loves her for who she is.
  • She has power over Heathcliff like nobody else in the novel, however he is, argueably, the cause of her death.
    • Despite the fact that Catherine and Heathcliff are supposedly eachothers dopplegangers, Catherine can be tamed, however, Heathcliff cannot.
    • This may be due to the fact that Catherine is a woman and therefore is tamed by a male (Edgar, remembering that Edgar is also one of the weakest males in the novel).


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