Women - British Depth Study- 1945-75

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  • New Homes built- 300,000 by 1953
  • Coronation of the Queen
  • 1945-51 Labour Govt
  • TV and Plastic Goods became popular
  • High Employment and Wages
  • More Affluent 

The post war British society was vastly improved from previous generation with more affluence and technology

Changes in the 50s

Samesies in the 50s

Free + Better Healthcare (NHS)

No equal pay

Home life improved as there was more labour saving technology/ more comfortable

Abortion illegal

More leisure time – Cinemas once a week

No contraception

Varied food

Hard to get a divorce

The marriage bar had been lifted- married women can work- 1971 Kemp-Jones report

Expectation to be housewife

Treated as poorly- objectified

The Cult of Domesticity: The media encouraged women to be housewives. Women are silently pushed into the housewife role: to look after children exclusively despite wanting to and having the opportunity to.

Adverts: Reflect the existing audiences and current viewpoints. Adverts don’t set social trends but reflect them, often exaggerated to sell.

The extent of discrimination in the 1960s and Early 70s

Evidence of Discrimination:

·         The Battle for Equal…


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