• Patriacal Society

Leonato: “We will hold it as a dream”

Not getting too excited about Claudio’s intentions to marry Hero

Leonato: “You know your answer”

Hero has no choice if she marries Claudio

Leonato: “Take me of my daughter”

  • Conventional Expectations
  • “Ideal” women - suitable for marriage, attractive, modest - appropriate candidate for marriage 

    Act one learn about about what other people say about her rather than what she presents herself to be

    Ideal women, submissive, dutiful

    “Sweet Hero”

    Claudio: “How fair young Hero is”

    Hero is a women trapped in a patriarchy - her father speaks for her and she is expected to  remain silent and obedient  

    Hero is objectified by the men of the play and Claudio refers to her as a “jewel”



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