Wjec psychology findings and conclusions (asch)

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Asch found that when the stooges gave a unanimous incorrect answer, the naive participants conformed on an average of 36.8% of the trials. HE found that 25% did not conform on any of the trials and 75% conformed on at least one. He found that the participants showed consisiten behaviour, if they did not conform on the first trial, they were unlikely to conform on any of the trials.

----He found that in his contol condition, where the stooges always gave the correct answer, that p's made erros less than 1% of the time. In the interviews, following asch's procedure, he found out participants complied through conformity for several reasons. Some thought they  must be wrong, and the rest were right, and didnt want to ruin the results. Some thought the rest were sheep, following the first stooge, and some conformed thinking the otheres were…


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