wjec psychology evaluation ( milgram)

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Milgrams study was conducted in a lab. An advantage of this is there is a high control over the other vatiavles that could have affected ther results. Milgram ensures no ther variavles ( noise, temp, other eople) were affecting the obediance of paticipants.,

-- Due to the high control, the study was easy to replicate as it used a standardised procedure (step by step guide), therefore we can check if similar results are obtained, and the reliability of the experment.

-- Milgram standardised the procedure by using the tape which played the same response from the learner, and the prods from the expermentor were kept the same.

-- A disadvantage is that tha partcipants may have guessed the aim of the experiment and demonstrated the effects of 'please you screw you' (demand characteristics).

-- The participants may have worked out that the shocks were not real because the study took place at a respectable university, and they thought no harm would come to the learner. Demand characteristics can affect the validity of the study, it means the researcher is no longer measureing what he intends to, however, milgram claims that 74% of particpants said they strongly believed they were giving shocks, in a…


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