wjec psychology evaluation (gibson and walk)

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Gibson and walk conducted their study in a lab. One advantage of doing this is it allows them to have a high amount of control, and to control all extraneous variables so they cannot interfere with the infant behaviour, and cause and effect can be established.
- However, as the study was a controlled lab observation, it can be difficult to generealize the findings to real life, in real life there is other variables which can affect infant behaviour, also in real life, the mother would not ecourage children to crawl off a four foot drop.

-- The combined findings of the combination of human and non human participants supports the idea that depth perception occurs early in most species, althought there are some prblems with this sample; only 36 human infants were involved, this is a very small and unrepresentative sample- the ifnats where also the only ones which…


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