Wjec psychology evaluation (asch)

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A strenght of aschs study is that it was carried out under lab conditions- and the variableswere carefully controlled. This meant the effects ot the independant variable ( whether the stooges gave a correct/incorrect unanimous answer) on the dependant variable (whether the naive participant conformed) were easilly seen. This close conrtol also meant that asch's experiment had a standardised procedure, therefore the experiment is easily replicated, if the same results are found, this means the study is reliable.

--Another strength of Asch's study is the sample used. It was a good size (123) and the participants wwere all of a similar age and from similar backgrounds to the naive participants. This adds to the realism of the study (in real life we often conform to our peer group).
-However, the sample used could also be critisised- all the participants were male, this means the findings could…





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