WJEC Topic 6(d) - ICT in the Home

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ICT in the Home

MP3 Player

You can listen to over 1000 tracks on a small portable player.


-          Is that you can listen to your favourite music wherever you want.


-          Lack of attention will cause accidents

-          There may be a risk of expensive equipment being stolen.

Music Downloads

Music downloads allow you to select the tracks you want.


-          It saves money on buying the whole album


-          There may be copyright issues with downloading music

-          Also, depending on where you download your music, it could also be classified as ‘illegal’ downloading

Digital Photography

Digital photography allows you to take as many photos as you like and only keep/print out the photos you want.


-          You will save money, because you are only paying for the photos you want to print

-          It will also save memory because you save the photo you want to keep and delete the ones you don’t want

-          You will be able to digitally edit and enhance photos

-          There are also a variety of ways of sharing them online through social media, etc.


-          They may be cyberbullying issues due to someone photoshopping

Interactive TV

Interactive TV or Smart TVs will offer a wider choice of channels and services such as teleshopping, emailing and booking holidays.


-          It is on demand, so you can watch…


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