With reference to a conflict over the use of a local resource that you have studied, discuss the extent to which all interest groups involved can be satisfied with its outcome. (40) Jan 2012

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what was the debate ?

  • 300 acres of brown field site idological differences over the use of the resource
  • Peel Holdings were keen to promote the ecomonic bennfifits,large investment and many national retail chains, including Debenhams
  • Trafford Councilimmediately approved the plans; welcoming employment opportunitiesthat come with such a massive investment into the area. Peel Holdings estimated 7,000 jobs would be created, however critics at the time questioned how many would be new jobs or displacements from other stores.

what were the bennfifts.

  • Socially, many locals in South Manchesterhave welcomed the substantial improvement to retail and leisure facilities on their doorstep; the cinema is now the UK’s busiest. Market research shows families like strict security measuresused at the centre.
  • Peel Holdings


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