Winter Storm Nemo 2013

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Winter Storm Nemo February 2013


Facts and Figures


·         Powerful winter storm developed from the combination of two areas of low pressure

·         Affected North-eastern United States and parts of Canada resulting in heavy snowfall and hurricane force winds

·         1st low pressure produced snow

·         2nd low produced heavy rains and flooding

·         When they combined on 8th February heavy snowfall was produced

·         Total snowfall:

o   Boston- 63cm

o   New York- 29-40cm

o   Long Island- 61cm

o   Hamden- 100cm

·         Hurricane force winds e.g. Nova Scotia- 102mph

·         Boston experienced a storm surge of 1.3m, its 4th highest

·         18 deaths

·         Flights were cancelled

·         Travel bans were put in place

·         Strong winds and heavy, wet snow left 700,000 customers without electricity at the height of the storm




·         Canada

o   Environment Canada issued winter storm warnings for Ontario

o   Toronto issued an extreme weather alert

o   Several colleges and universities closed

o   Flights and bus services cancelled

·         United States

o   By late on February 7th 2013 winter


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