Wind Power

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Wind Power

Wind power is the use of the wind (which is derived from the sun heating the atmosphere creating convection currents leading to cool air rushing to fill the rising hot air's former place) to turn a turbine. This is then connected to a shaft that turns a generator thus generating electricity. This is then placed on the National Grid and is supplied to people further way from the turbine. 


  • It is particularly useful in areas where is particularly windy such as the top 10% of windiest regions hence maximising the efficiency of the energy production process by maximising the use of the materials used to construct the turbine. This would increase the economic saving value of the turbine and would further boost the comparative advantage of the turbine. This would also occur in mountainous regions where turbines are more exposed to the wind. 
  • They use a renewable resources meaning that the wind can be used without becoming depleted and so this means that it cannot become environmentally damaging and thus this therefore means that it conserves resources that are non-renewable by reducing our dependency on these fuels. Wind power subsequently can be sustainable; this means that it allows our generation to meet our energy needs without harming the ability of future generations to fulfill their needs. 
  • It releases no Carbon Dioxide amidst use which means that the amount of carbon added to the atmosphere is slowed thus preventing the greenhouse effect from forming hence preventing global warming. This means that the environment is preserved and thus therefore means that it


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