Why was there a revolution in 1905? 12 Mark Question


Why was there a revolution in 1905? 

 The revolution in 1905 is thought to be caused by underlying long-term problems, short-term motives and also major catalysts. However the most important factor was the ever-continuing awful long-term problems that had still yet to be answered.

 For many years there had been the same re-occurring long-term problems appearing in Russia, which were yet to be solved. For example; Russia's autocratic system of government. Many were not in favor of this form of ruling the nation, mainly the population who struggled, however the Tsar wanted to keep it this way and was not willing for compromising.  The ones who struggled include the peasants, who compromised 80% of the population, they would endure wide spread famines with little help. Not only them would suffer, but also the proletariat would endure low pay, long hours, and poor working conditions. All these problems generated a massive dissatisfaction across the nation. However there still were no signs of Nicholas the II trying to carry out any sort


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