Why was the Conservative Party politically dominant 1895-1905?


Why was the Conservative Party politically dominant 1895-1905?

Conservative Strengths

  • The Conservative were Pro-Union, Pro-Empire and Anti Home Rule.
  • Lord Salisbury reached out to the working/middle class to widen the party appeal.
  • Salisbury argued that 'Liberal Unionists believed the same as them as why unite?'
  • Salisbury re-named the party- 'The Conservative and Unionist Party', so many Liberal Unionist including Chamberlain switched. 
  • Joseph Chamberlain was very good for the Conservative Party as he was very popular.
  • Impact of the Boer war 1899 to 1902. Conservative argued it was necessary to go to war, which many people agreed with, They were very patriotic and jingoistic (Proud of their country).
  • 'If you give the Irish their own control it may have the domino effect and other areas of the UK union will break away'-Chamberlain.
  • 1900 Khaki Election- Conservative won 
  • Successful Party organisders (Akers, Douglas, and Captain Middleton) credited the party by influencing people through Propaganda and fund raisers. The conservatives had rallies and tea parties to raise money and promote the Conservative Party. 
  • Lord Salisbury tried to broaden the


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