Why Stalin won the Power Struggle

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Importance of Stalin controlling the Party organisations

  • Truimvirate was established to ensure Trotsky wouldn't have a majority Politburo
  • He managed to fill congress with well instructured stalinist delegates
  • General Secretary was a dominant places in the Party Structure
  • Drew up approved lists of candidates sent to the party congress
  • Stalin formed a tatical alliance with Bukharin forming the Duumvirate therefore could command a majority of delegates that atteneded congress
  • As Head of the Central Control Commission to formally disclipine his oppentants for advocating trotsky polices
  • Commissar for nationalities

Stalin's political skill/ personal characteristics

  • Trumvirate had two strategies of denying trotsky power by unabling him to master the party and destroy his influnence and ideology for Lenin
  • Kamenev and


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