Why is Democracy Important?

  • Democracy establishes and protects freedom. Towards the end of the eighteenth century, a number of new philosophical and political movements developed. These were largely based on the principle that mankind should be free, both as individuals and collectively as nations. This new democratic spirit was in particular developed by the French and the Americans.

The French: The French Revolution was an attempt to free the people from the autocratic rule of the monarchy, and if the people were to be truly free, they should also have a new political system.

The Americans: During their revolution against George III the Americans fought to gain freedom for all individuals and their new constitution enshrined freedom of the individual.

Democracy continues to ensure that no government can threaten freedom unless it is with the expressed consent of the people.

When the Soviet Union collapsed in the 1990s, the new satellite states adopted democratic system. When it was suggested in 2003 that the Russians had fixed the Ukrainian election, the people took to the streets in Ukraine until they were granted a new election in order to choose their government.

  • Democracy protects minorities. If a democracy is to be effective and enduring, the system must take into account the interests and demands of minority groups. Democracy ensures that all groups have access to the political process. It also guarantees that minorities have a free voice and are free from discrimination…




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