Why Hitler came to power part 1

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Hitler becomes chancellor

January 1933 - Hindunberg invites Hitler to become chancellor because he believed that him and Von papen would be able to control him.

The Nazis was largest party in the Reichstag but Hindenburg Hitler would make a mess of it.


  • Communists were worried because Hitler promised to crush communism
  • Many were worried because of Hitler's hatred for the Jews
  • Some though he promised a better world.
  • Some thought he would lead to another ww

Hitlers rise to power

When the wall street crash occured in 1929 and Stresseman died, all the recovery which had occured with the Weimer goverment was gone so people began to vote for extreme solutions again such as communists and the NAZIS.

Why the nazis gained support

  • The people were doubly bitter because of second crisis which had occured
  • The unemployment exceeded six million
  • By 1932 the nazis had 230 seats
  • As the number…


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